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Multipet Dog Long Squeaker Mat Assorted

Multipet Dog Long Squeaker Mat Assorted

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Long Squeaker Mats: A Symphony of Joy for Squeaker Enthusiasts: For pups who find pure delight in the symphony of squeakers, our Long Squeaker Mats collection is tailor-made to be their ultimate playtime companions. Featuring captivating characters such as the Alligator, Pig, and Duck, these flat and plush playmates boast an astounding 21 squeakers each!

21 Squeakers of Canine Joy: Prepare for an auditory extravaganza as your pup engages with the Long Squeaker Mats. With 21 squeakers harmonizing together, these toys create a mesmerizing chorus that resonates with your pup's innate joy for squeaky sounds.

Playful Trio of Characters: The Long Squeaker Mats collection unveils an alluring trio of characters: the adventurous Alligator, the charming Pig, and the whimsical Duck. Each plush companion becomes an auditory playground, turning every playtime into a symphonic adventure.

Endless Fun and Tugging Delight: The long, body-length design of these toys isn't just for show – it's perfect for a spirited game of tug-o-war. These mats transform playtime into a dynamic experience that engages both body and senses.

Interactive Play and Canine Bonds: Embrace the interactive allure of these mats, inviting your pup into a world of play that not only entertains but also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

Sensory Bliss and Tug-o-War Galore: Indulge your squeaker-loving pup with the sensory bliss of Long Squeaker Mats. With an array of delightful sounds and the potential for engaging tug-o-war games, these mats are designed to harmonize with your pup's playtime preferences, delivering endless joy and shared moments of connection.

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