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Multipet Dog Swingin Flatties Assorted

Multipet Dog Swingin Flatties Assorted

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These Swinging Flatties are perfect for dogs who love a game of tug-o-war!

Swinging Flatties: The Ultimate Tug-O-War Delight: Unleash a world of excitement with Swinging Flatties, the ultimate companions for dogs who adore tug-o-war games. Boasting long legs, a stuffing-free body, and an interior crinkle, these toys redefine interactive play for your furry friend.

Tailored for Tug-O-War Enthusiasts: Swinging Flatties cater to the tugging connoisseurs, presenting a perfect arena for spirited tug-o-war showdowns. Their design is a nod to your pup's innate instincts, turning playtime into a thrilling and engaging adventure.

Squeak and Crinkle for Added Joy: Engage your pup's senses with an irresistible combination. Swinging Flatties not only entice with their tugging allure, but they also incorporate squeakers that add an auditory layer of fun. On top of that, their crinkly interior provides an auditory delight that captivates your pup's attention.

Stuffing-Free for Enduring Play: Say goodbye to mess and hello to extended play. Swinging Flatties feature a stuffing-free body, ensuring that the fun never ends and clean-up remains hassle-free.

Diverse Play Possibilities Await: Whether it's a rousing game of tug-o-war or a delightful solo play session, Swinging Flatties cater to various play styles, accommodating your pup's every mood and preference.

Revolutionize Playtime: Elevate your pup's playtime experience with Swinging Flatties. Their design, blending tugging pleasure with auditory surprises, encapsulates the essence of dynamic play and endless fun. Watch your pup's tail wag with joy as they engage with these remarkable companions.

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